How It Works

We are a group of experienced & published writers offering a full service – from talking over your initial ideas through to presenting you with your own glossy hardback book to commemorate your life.

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Provide Information


Review Proof

Feedback & Changes


Approve Proof

Publish & Print

What Happens After I Place My Order?

After choosing your desired package and placing your order, you will receive our welcome pack.

The welcome pack contains a detailed questionnaire to guide you in getting everything together for us to start our work. You can contact us at any stage for guidance or assistance.

We will start work as we start receiving your information – you do not have to send it all at once. We will build up a picture as we start to look at your information and photos.

When we have all the information and documents we need we will prepare a script of your book, which we will send to you for checking and approval. At this stage you can introduce new material, suggest additions or deletions. If there are substantial changes, we will send you another script for you to check before we move on.

When all the content is agreed we will begin to craft it and format it into book form. When this is done, again, we will send it to you for checking and approval. This is your last chance to make any additions or changes. When you are happy with the content you will need to pay any remaining balance on your account.

Once this is done and you have approved your project, we will be formatting it for Hardback Book production. When the books are ready we will be forwarding them onto you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i get extra books?

Yes. You can order as many books as you want at any time. Price will vary depending on size of book and your package.

Can you work in other languages?

Our writers only write in English, but we can organise professional translation for an extra cost.

Whose name goes on the book as an author?

Normally, we would work as ‘ghost’ writers, so your name would go on the book as the author.

Where are your offices and can we meet you?

We work from offices in the North East of England but we have associates in the US, Canada, and Australia. If you are close to us we are happy for face to face meetings but we deal with 90% of our clients exclusively by email, messaging, phone, and video.

Who owns the intellectual property rights for the books you produce?

You do. You will receive a document proving ownership with the delivery of your books.